Q: Can you share the story of how Concord and 9th was born? Who thought of the concept?
A: We (Greg & Angie) met each other about 7 years ago working in a corporate office. Both of us had worked in the crafting industry for years. As we worked closely on projects, we talked about owing our own business one day. So, we set a date to leave our corporate jobs and start this new venture!
Q: Is there a back story behind your companies name?
A: The hardest part of creating a new company is coming up with the name and then a logo. It’s permanent. It’s what people need to remember when seeking you out. We wanted a name that sounded posh, but didn’t pigeon-hole us in to a specific type of product. So, after many brainstorming sessions, it came down to a simple idea. Greg & his family live off Concord Place. Angie & her family live off 9th West. So…Concord & 9th became the name. It also represents intersecting ideas coming together, paths crossing at the right time in life, etc.
Q:Who is the designer of the stamps for your company?
A: For the first 18 months, it was just the two of us running the business. Together we did all the things…set up the website, came up with inspiration for product ideas, shipped orders, etc. While all the products are a collaboration of ideas, Greg did 90% of the design execution. A little side note, many of our hand-lettered stamps/dies are Greg’s handwriting vs fonts! Angie is jealous of his mad skills!
Q:Your turnabout stamps have been extremely popular…are there more coming in the near future?
A: Yes! We think they are SO fun, and we’ve received a really good response on them. Our plans are to keep making them for now (we’ve got plans through the end of 2017 so far!).
Q:Where does the inspiration come from for the stamp designs?
A: Inspiration can come from so many places! We look at trends in home decor, clothing, and DIY type projects! We really try to think through our products to make sure they can function in a few different ways so that crafters get their monies worth! For example, when we created our Take A Bough dies, we wanted it to not only make darling little 3D trees for the holidays, but we wanted to make sure the dies would work on cards too, as most of our audience makes cards. We like to think that our Take A Bough dies are what really brought attention to our new business back in Oct 2015!
Q:Are there any new items you can let us in on…maybe something no one else knows?
A: Well, we are working on some new-to-us products for 2018 (more than stamps/dies)! We hope to show a couple at CHA in January 2018, so stay tuned! Be sure you are following our Instagram @concordand9th and sign up for our newsletter in our shop to get all the latest and greatest info!
Q: How large is the Concord and 9th family (company)?
A: Like I said before, it was just Angie & Greg for the first 18 months! We now have 3 full-time employees! We often wonder how we did all that we were doing between the two of us for so long! With our added team members, we have been able to do more of our ‘wish list’ items, which is an on-going, growing list!
Q:Can you let our customers know what your release schedule is so we can all be on top of when to expect new goodies from Concord and 9th?
A: It’s easy! We release on the 9th of every month at 9am MT! Get it, the 9th? We hope that this registers in people’s minds as they realize what day of the month it is! We typically release 3-4 stamp sets and 3-4 dies per month. It’s bite-sized, but we’ve received really good feedback that it’s the right amount…just enough that people feel ok about buying the full release (which we offer with one-click shopping at a discounted price!) and don’t have to pick & choose between what they really, really want and what will need to wait! We sell many of our products in bundles too…coordinating stamp + dies = discounted price. Check out our BUNDLES page in our shop, or our NEW page to see all we have to offer each month!
Thank you so much for asking these great questions! I hope we’ve helped you learn a little more about Concord & 9th!
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