Hi Teresa here and bringing you another interview! I had the opportunity to chat with Lesley of a Brand New Company! HEFFY DOODLE! There are some awfully cute stamps here! I cannot wait for you to see them! You won’t want to miss our Heffy Doodle blog hop this month. The Design Team will have some awesome projects! So, read on to see what Lesley has to say about this brand new company!

Q: How did you come up with the name Heffy Doodle for your brand of stamps?

A: The name HEFFY is actually a nickname that my husband Craig calls me. Many years ago, when we were first dating, he realised that I get rather grumpy when I am feeling peckish, and he teasingly called me a Hungry Heifer. Before long, the term affectionately evolved, so I became Hungry Heffy, and for many years I have had a blog and YouTube channel under Hungry Heffy Crafts. He has been telling me for years that I should be turning my doodles into stamps, and so the company simply had to be called Heffy Doodle!

Q: Who creates the super cute designs for your stamps?

A: That would be me. I have always loved to draw, and any stray pieces of paper around my house is in danger of being doodled upon. It is so much fun to watch the designs evolve from doodle to stamp, and then appear on finished projects! It’s the best feeling ever!

Q: Where does the inspirations come from for the stamps and dies?

A: It sounds silly, but absolutely everywhere. Sometimes I see a pretty pattern on a piece of clothing, or I see a photo of a furry critter online and I try to capture its cuteness in a sketch (I’m a sucker for all things furry!). The other day I saw two knots on a door panel, and thought it looked like a panda face, so I grabbed my sketch book! At other times, I will be making a project and really wish that I had a particular stamp image, so I take a note for future refernce. Our six year old daughter Piper is also a great help – she likes to come up with ideas and get Mummy to draw them. She is also attempts to create new puns for our sentiment stamps – which is often the funniest thing ever!

Q: What do you want to see happen with your company in the future?

A: Everything is still quite new for us, but as for the future – we would love to have more brand awareness across the globe.

Q: I know that you are a very new company. How long was the process to go from concept idea to a company with stamps on the market?

A: It was probably about a year – mostly because I was working in an intense full time job at the same time, so progress was extremely slow for many months. I also wanted to be completely happy with my first release, so I spent a long time working on the designs, tweaking and reworking them, before finally agreeing to a Kickstarter launch date in July.

Q: Do you have a planned schedule release for the company?

A: We have our second release launching on 1 November, and we expect our next release to be in January, in line with Creativation where we will have our very own booth! It’s so exciting! We are still learning new things, and perfecting our processes, so we haven’t get nailed down a regular release schedule. We recommend joining the Heffy Doodle newsletter if you want to be kept informed of any future news about releases.

Q: Are there any little secrets you can tell us that no one else knows yet about Heffy Doodle?

A: Ohh… secrets! Hmmm. Well, Craig is pretty adamant that we need our own line of Heffy Doodle inks…. so, watch this space! 😀

Lesley Oman: Owner of Heffy Doodle Stamp Company

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